Musicology: the complete solution for music teachers

Musicology is built on a foundation specifically for music. Popular conferencing systems go through a server (any platform with group rooms does this). Musicology is built on a peer-to-peer network supported by a global call line that does not rely on transmitting audio through a server. It’s the BEST connection you will ever get 1:1. It’s a direct connection from the teacher to the student. This allows for extremely low latency and layered sound much the same as a phone call – you can speak over your student while they are playing and direct them in their artistic interpretation the same way you would in an in-person lesson.

Let’s talk about features now!

Collaborative whiteboard – no extra settings, just go ahead and draw together!

File upload – store your students music and theory sheets in their room for easy access to annotate on, on the whiteboard.

Private rooms – each student has their very own room and special code to enter the lesson that never changes.

Lock button – teacher controlled and student enabled, lock your student out if they’re getting to button happy!

MIDI keyboard – plug in your electric keyboard to demonstrate on your students screen

Virtual keyboard – no MIDI? No problem. Play the on screen keyboard!

Multi-cameras – plug in as many cameras as you want and toggle through them with an easy camera switch button.

Screen Share – share your audio, iPad and screen with your students!

Musical draggables – built short melodies or play music games on the Grand Staff with draggable music notations

Rewards – send your student one of our large animated emojis for reinforcement! The kids love sending these back to their teacher too!

Try it out and see for yourself what a difference it can make in your lessons. It’s free for 14-days!

Use the code MTO21 for 50% off your first paid month!